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  • ADD: China guangdong chaoan caitang, chaoan macro four industrial zone
Chaoan caitang bo xing hardware products factory is a stainless steel steamer, the pearl of stainless steel pan, steam pan, single and double layer stainless steel wash rice sieve, basin of stainless steel pipe, stainless steel soup basin, stainless steel milk pan, induction cooker pan, stainless steel stainless steel lunch box, stainless steel, stainless steel wash basin, seasoning cylinder stainless steel round POTS and other products professional production and processing of individual businesses, the company headquarters is located in caitang macro four industrial zone, chaoan caitang bo xing hardware products factory has a complete and scientific quality management system.Chaoan caitang star hardware factory integrity, strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance.Welcome friends from all walks of life come to chaoan caitang star hardware factory visit, guidance and business negotiation.